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Life Is Not That Without A Pet

This boxer gets immitated by his owner and he is both confused and excited

Now, all of us have tried at least once imitating our dog to see his reaction. So did this guy, and it turned out to be very hilarious. This boxer is confused and at the same time excited to see what is happening when his master laid down on four legs and start doing the same things as he does! The following video will surely make you laugh. Who wouldn’t want a dog? Especially a boxer.

Tags: boxer, dogs
Published by Lily Grant , 27.02.2015 at 17:57


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James Peggy
James Peggy 27 February 15 21:03 Somebody give him an Oscar! Text hided expand
Michelle Reed
Michelle Reed 27 February 15 21:20 The dog's reactions are priceless. Text hided expand
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